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Student Experience Surveys

University of Manchester Student Survey Strategy

The University participates in a number of sector wide student experience surveys each year. These demonstrate our commitment to listening to the student voice and the results are used to promote quality enhancement, thus ensuring we deliver the best possible experience for our students.

To avoid survey fatigue, we aim to ensure that no student is asked to complete more than one such survey in any academic year. These include the following:

Your Say for Your Uni

Completion of the surveys is promoted in one overarching year-long campaign, targeted to the relevant audiences.  It will offer a simple message that student feedback is an essential part of University life and will have a real impact on the student experience.

Help us to get the best out of Surveys

A key element of the campaign is encouraging feedback by demonstrating how the University has listened to past responses and used them as ways of making tangible differences to university life.

Please send in your stories and examples of local initiatives and improvements that have been made in response to student feedback to

For more information on this, and any general queries about 'Your Say for Your Uni', please e-mail

Results from Previous Surveys

Available as management information from the links at the side of the page; University of Manchester credentials required to access some results.