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Sections A-F Submission and Approval

The intention is that the New Programme Proposal Form can be used in one of two ways:

  • to facilitate two disctinct approval phases with Sections A to F mapping to NPP1 and Sections G to I mapping to NPP2,or
  • it can be used as one single combined approach where all sections A to I are developed as one single process. 

Should colleagues wish to utilise the latter pathway please contact your Faculty Quality Administrator or Teaching and Learning Manager for advice, and please also consider that until ALL PARTS of SECTIONS A-F are fully completed and signed-off you MUST NOT publicise the programme at all.  Only once Sections A to F are fully completed and signed-off should programmes be published 'subject to approval'.

Once Sections A to F are completed, the pro forma should be signed by the Head of School (or approved by appropriate committee) and forwarded to your Faculty Quality Assurance Administrator who will arrange for it to be considered by the appropriate Faculty committee. The School representative on the committee is expected to be able to speak about the proposal. Please note that cross-faculty programmes will require approval from all faculties involved.  There is also an opportunity in Section F for Faculty Marketing colleagues and colleagues in Student Admissions to indicate that the proposal is ready to publish 'subject to approval,' and to ensure that arrangements are in place to develop a full marketing plan.  

When Sections A-F are not approved

If approval in principle is not given on the grounds of academic, strategic or resource issues, the School (or lead School) will be given feedback and informed whether a revised proposal can be resubmitted.

When Sections A-F are approved

The programme can be set up on Campus Solutions by an approved administrator.  The 'notify' function should be used by the administrator to inform the following colleagues that the programme has been approved in principle:

  • the Director of Teaching, Learning and Student Development
  • the programme proposer and administrator
  • Faculty/School Recruitment and Admissions and Marketing Officers
  • Central UG/PGT Recruitment and Admissions Officers as appropriate
  • School Finance Officer
  • Faculty/School IS Managers
  • JRUL Faculty Librarian
  • the colleague responsible for inputting marketing information into Campus Solutions

Staff in the Division of Teaching, Learning and Student Development will prepare a summary of all programme proposals that have been approved in principle for the information of the Vice President (Teaching and Learning).  This summary will be copied to all Associate Deans (Teaching and Learning) for information and to ensure there are no conflicts of interest.


Once the programme has been granted approval in principle it can be advertised with the caveat 'subject to approval'.  The  programme will be set up on Campus Solutions so that applications received can be recorded.  Offers can be made and letters will reflect that the programme is subject to approval.

Internal advisers

If approval in principle is given, two  internal advisers will be allocated to assist the programme proposer during the full development of the programme proposal (Sections G to I).  It will be the role of the internal advisers to give formative feedback on draft documentation at appropriate points in the drafting stage agreed between the proposer and the Faculty Quality Administrator.  Internal advisers work to ensure that the programme proposal is fit for approval by the Faculty and provide recommendations to the Faculty UG/PGT Committee and Associate Dean regarding the viability of a proposal.