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This page contains details of current teaching and learning policy and procedure documents open for consultation, as well as providing details of past consultation exercises. Please note: you will need to log in with your usual University of Manchester user name and password to access some of the documents.

Current TLSD Academic Development and Policy consultations

Recently closed consultations

UG and PGT Degree Regulations, and Guide

Suggested draft updates are proposed to the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree Regulations, and the Guide to the Taught Degree Regulations, which were agreed by TLG at their meeting in September 2019. The updates are due to be considered by Senate in October 2019. For details, please see below:

Principles and Guidance for the Application of the Accreditation of Prior Learning (AP(E)L)

Updates were made to the Principles and Guidance for the Application of the Accreditation of Prior Learning (AP(E)L), to amend the figure for the maximum number of credits which can be awarded under AP(E)L for the Postgraduate Certificate, relating to the move to 20 credit units for UMW courses. These were approved by TLG at their meeting in September 2019 and published for implementation from September 2019 onwards. For details, please see below:

Policy on Interruptions and associated Guidance

The existing policy and guidance on interruptions was reviewed, in order to provide more information to support students’ return to study, stemming from the recent work carried out by the Division of Campus Life on Support to Study/Return to Study policy and procedures and work undertaken as part of the Student Lifecycle Project. The updated Policy was considered by TLG at the April 2019 meeting and approved by Senate in June 2019. Implementation of the updated Policy and associated Guidance for Staff and Students is to take place from September 2019.

Policy on Submission of Work for Summative Assessment & Guidance on Late Submission

In December 2017, an email was sent to Faculty Associate Deans/Vice Deans for Teaching and Learning (or equivalent), and copied to Faculty Teaching and Learning Managers, advising them that the Teaching and Learning Group (TLG) Policy and Guidance Sub-group had proposed some amendments to the two documents named above, in response to queries/suggestions from staff across the University. Associate Deans/Vice Deans were asked to take the proposed changes to their Faculty Teaching and Learning Committees for information, with any feedback being requested by 24 January 2018.

‌Update November 2018: The TLG Policy and Guidance Subgroup continued to work on the updates to this document, following the consultation responses and further discussion at Subgroup meetings. Further updates were sent to TLG in November 2018 and agreed. The revised documents were approved by Senate in February 2019.

The updated Policy on Submission of Work for Summative Assessment, and the associated Guidance on Late Submission are to be implemented from September 2019, for the start of the 2018/19 academic year. They will be published, using the existing website addresses, during the summer. PDF versions of the updated documents were emailed to HoSs, HoSAs, Faculty Associate Deans for Teaching and Learning in April 2019. For reference, the updated versions are also showing below:

PLEASE NOTE though, that these updated versions will be uploaded to the existing URL addresses for the documents, in time for the 2019/20 academic year, to replace the current versions.

Regulation XVII (Conduct and Discipline of Students)

Over 2018, Regulation XVII (Conduct and Discipline of Students) underwent review via a Working Group, which proposed revisions to the Regulation, along with identifying new procedures, or updates to existing procedures, to support the operation of the Regulation.  Feedback was sought from colleagues across the University on the suite of documents in November/December 2018, and a collated summary of the responses is provided below. The revised Regulation was considered by, and appproved, by Senate in April 2019. The updated Regulation is to be implemented from September 2019, along with other documents in the suite of the area of student discipline.

Recently closed consultations - awaiting further action

Policy on the Use of Animals in Teaching

Work on a 'Policy on the Use of Animals in Teaching’ took place in 2014/15 but was halted, as it was superseded by the development of a single policy in partnership with ‘Research, Governance and Integrity’’. Development of this joint policy was reinstated in April 2017 and went out for consultation within the Faculty of BMH only (June 2017).

‌Update May 2018: Work on this draft policy is on hold awaiting liaison with the Directorate of Research and Business Engagement Support Services.

Policy and Procedures for Supporting New Student Parents

A draft Policy and Procedures for supporting new student parents were produced, to encompass supporting UG and PGT students during pregnancy, maternity, paternity, adoption and any associated return to studies. In June/July 2016, Associate Deans were asked to instigage consultation within their Faculty Teaching and Learning Committees, and return any feedback to Ian Bradley (Head of Operations, Division of Student Life - Final versions of the documents are currently being produced for approval.

May 2016:

April 2017:

Recently closed consultations - policies approved and recently implemented

Recently approved and implemented policies.

Policy on additional costs incurred by students on UG & PGT programmes

TLG members, including Faculty Associate Deans/Vice Deans for Teaching and Learning (or equivalent), were asked to consult within their Faculties between August to October 2018 regarding amendments proposed by the TLG Policy and Guidance Sub-group to the Policy on Additional Costs. The resulting feedback has been considered, and the proposed updates were considered by TLG in February 2019, before being taken to Senate for approval in April 2019. The resulting updated were approved and are for implementation from April 2019 onwards.