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Planning and accountability process

The University's planning and accountability cycle is designed to lead the University through a process of continual improvement towards the University's strategic plan.

Planning operates across all areas of the University, and includes the following key elements:

  • long term planning (for example, the Our future strategic plan; the capital plan)
  • existing commitments that are refreshed annually (for example, the 5 year financial plan)
  • planning inputs that are refreshed periodically (for example, the People and OD strategy)

Student numbers, tuition fees, research income, costs, allocation of resources, project priorities and performance against non-financial measures of success are all then assessed within the annual planning and budgeting process. 

The internal annual accountability process (a review of prior year performance) is centred on the APRs (Annual Performance Reviews) held for each Faculty, the PS and the Cultural Institutions (the latter being biennial). APRs are preceded by local review and deep dives into the performance towards our core goals and other key priorities (e.g. EDI). The accountability process closes with an external accountability review by the Board of Governors.