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Data analysis

In addition to routine management information, the Directorate of Planning also produces more detailed analysis of student-related data. These are some of the areas that our data analysis team is involved in:

Entry qualifications

We have undertaken extensive work to understand intake entry qualifications trends in relation to internal comparison across organisational structures and benchmarking against other institutions. The analysis has investigated factors that impact on average tariff scores by detailing patterns across types of entry qualifications students have when entering the University and specifically quality and quantity of A-level qualifications.


Trend analysis detailing changes in the recruitment profile across different academic levels to facilitate a better understanding of the impact of policy and funding changes on recruitment.


We have carried out substantial analysis to understand patterns of differential attainment across the University and examine how the University compares to other institutions. A number of student groups have been identified that are not achieving their academic potential and subject level trends have been used to develop policy and practice across the University.

Widening participation

This area of analysis has supported the University’s drive to ensure fair access and enable the University to attract the best students regardless of background. Research has provided a broad understanding of widening participation patterns from entry profile to key measurements of student success including retention and attainment.

Ad hoc projects

We have conducted analytical support on a number of key areas of teaching and learning. For example, analysis of the impact of My Learning Essentials was carried out to help the Library profile usage patterns and outcome measurements.


For further information on data analysis please contact Alison Fairclough


tel 0161 306 8601