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University owned buildings and contents are insured for their reinstatement cost.   Insurance for specified items of equipment or computers is not cost effective for the University and this cover has been discontinued. 

Further information on coverage, exclusions, excess and claim procedure can be found in Building and Contents Leaflet

Notification requirements

The University must notify the Insurers of any change in the property schedule and significant changes in the value of capital assets for both buildings and contents.

Schools must notify the Insurers via the Insurance Office of (i) any loaned equipment of more than £250k in value on University premises, or where insurance cover for the loaned equipment is required by the third party under a contract agreement; and (ii) any University owned equipment that is greater than £50k in value if temporarily removed from the University premises.

Schools and the Directorate of Estates and Facilities must notify the Insurance Office of any minor incidents when damage to capital assets (buildings and contents) is below £75k via Notification Form. Detailed procedure can be found at Reporting Incidents of Damage to Capital Assets

Should a major incident occur, please contact the University Risk Manager immediately or as soon as possible.