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Motor vehicles

The University’s Motor Fleet Insurance provides comprehensive cover for vehicles owned by or leased to the University.

Requirements, coverage and claims procedure can be found at:

Before allowing any individual to drive a University vehicle, either owned, hired or leased by the University, the University Motor Fleet insurance requires the University to check drivers’ driving licences, ensuring that individuals have a valid UK driving licence and are suitably qualified to drive the class of vehicle to be driven. Provisional licences are not acceptable. In addition, the University needs to check any endorsements and convictions recorded on the licences.

For the purpose of authorising an individual as an 'University Authorised Driver' and to be insured under the University Motor Insurance, the University will require individuals to complete a University Driver Approval form and provide personal information about themselves. This includes name, address, date of birth, University ID number, driving licence number, dates of driving qualification and driving conviction history.

Managers are required to record all activities that are covered by the University’s motor insurance. Managers should contact the Insurance Office for assistance and must request a template of the record sheet to be used.