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Organisation and responsibilities

The University arranges insurance cover in respect of its activities as part of its overall approach to managing risk.

Cover is arranged in accordance with the University's Financial Regulations and Procedures.

Finance Committee

Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing insurance arrangements on behalf of the Board of Governors.

Risk Emergency Management Group

The Risk Emergency Management Group is responsible for ensuring that the insurance cover required by the University and its subsidiary undertakings, as determined by the Finance Committee, is appropriate. This responsibility is exercised through the insurance section of the Directorate of Compliance and Risk, otherwise known as the Insurance Office.

Insurance Office

The role of the Insurance Office is:

  • To provide general advice and information on insurance matters,
  • To arrange insurance cover on behalf of the University and its subsidiary undertakings,
  • To oversee insurance claims affecting the University and its subsidiary undertakings,
  • To maintain appropriate records.

Deans, Heads of School etc.

Deans, Heads of School and equivalent are responsible for notifying the Insurance Office, without delay, of:

  • any significant changes in risk (relating to property or activities) that may affect the University's insurance requirements,
  • any incidents that may give rise to claims against the University.

Schools and equivalent units must assess the risks associated with property they hold and activities they undertake to determine, in consultation with the Insurance Office, the need or otherwise for insurance cover.

University staff

Staff have a general duty to try to ensure that insurance cover is not invalidated for any reason (insofar as they can reasonably be expected to be aware of any insurance requirements).