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University of Manchester ITL Teaching and Learning Conference 2024 - 26-27 June 2024

We are delighted to announce this year's University of Manchester Teaching and Learning Conference 2024, a pivotal event dedicated to fostering excellence and innovation in teaching and learning for staff and students.

After the success of last year's conference, we return with an expanded programme of presentations, papers, and activities across two days.

Save the Date

The Conference will take place on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 June 2024 in University Place and will include a welcoming drinks reception on the evening of Wednesday, 26 June in the prestigious Whitworth Hall. This gathering is a wonderful opportunity for attendees to network and socialise in a relaxed setting.

Hybrid conference format

In our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, the 2024 conference will be a hybrid event. Attendees will have the flexibility to participate in plenaries and parallel sessions either in-person or live via Zoom. This format ensures that all members of our community, regardless of their location, can benefit from the knowledge-sharing and discussions. Just like last year's event, we will curate a legacy web resource showcasing the fabulous papers and contributions to the conference.

Open and free to attend

The conference is open to all staff and students at the University of Manchester, free of charge. It is an excellent chance for our community to come together, share insights, and learn from each other's experiences in advancing teaching and learning practices. 


Tickets are now available to book

We have a range of different tickets available

Full Conference Admission - includes both days of the conference. Drinks reception not included.

One day ticket (Wednesday 26th June) - covers only the first day of the conference, drinks reception not included.

One day ticket (Thursday 27th June) - covers only the second day of the conference.

Drinks reception - join us for the drinks reception at the end of the first day of the conference.

Online Admission - covers both days of the Conference. You will receive links to sessions closer to the event.


You can book tickets and find out more information about the event here


Wednesday's Plenaries

Wednesday 26th, 9:30-10:25: Opening Remarks (April McMahon) and Plenary 1: Student partnership and the student voice.
Opening Remarks (April McMahon) and Plenary 1: Student partnership and the student voice - YouTube
Wednesday 26th, 4:00 - 5:00: Plenary 2: Exploring Assessment
Plenary 2: Exploring Assessment - YouTube
Wednesday 26th, 4:00 - 5:00

Thursday's Plenaries

Thursday 27th, 9:30-10:25: Plenary 3: What are we good for? (Sustainability and the socially responsible curriculum theme)
Plenary 3: What are we good for? (Sustainability and the socially responsible curriculum theme) - YouTube
Thursday 27th, 3:00-4:00: Plenary 4: The future of T&L in Higher Education
Plenary 4: The future of T&L in Higher Education - YouTube

Abstracts Booklet

Click here to take a look through the abstracts of the talks and papers being given!

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Conference Presenter Guide

Click here to view the guide for those presenting at the 2024 Conference.

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Conference Schedule

Click here to see and download a full schedule of the event, including speakers, workshops, and papers being delivered.

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The Conference will be based around the following strategic themes

1. Student partnership and the student voice: How can we approach T&L in partnership with our students, ensuring their perspective, experience and potential is fully embraced?

2. Exploring assessment: What does effective and authentic assessment look like at UoM? What practices, process and pedagogy can we use to ensure assessment and importantly feedback on assessment supports learning?

3. Sustainability and the socially responsible curriculum: Where do pedagogical practice and theory intersect with social responsibility and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals? How can we bring in elements of service learning or other community led pedagogies? How can we encourage and enable students to drive social responsibility forward in their learning?

4. The future of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education: Critical reflections on current practice and positive changes for the sector’s long-term future, for example what is the role of AI in the future of HE? What roles will lifelong learning play? How does the sector need to support students beginning their education journey to support their future learning?  


Submissions have now closed

Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal.

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An image of a live standard paper presentation in one of the Conference Rooms.