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Jenni Rose (Alliance Manchester Business School) for ‘Flexible learning and digital delivery’, and ‘Assessment and feedback’

The nomination for Jenni demonstrated how her innovative approach to feedback on assessment has had a wide reach, delivering significant value to students and educators. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to advancing teaching practices have resulted in remarkable improvements in student learning outcomes. Her work stands as a shining example of excellence, deserving commendation and acknowledgment for the significant impact she has made in the field of education.

Jenni's two-year pilot programme involved 1,400 undergraduate students and 100 MBA who benefitted from writing active feedback for themselves, which her research has shown increases intellectual development encouraging students to rely on other sources of information beyond their teacher. She uses behavioural nudges to engage students in this work, resulting in 97% of a class of 510 students submitting formative assessments. Jenni has conducted 16 workshops, engaging over 400 participants across various universities in the UK and internationally, which have fostered a collaborative learning environment, facilitating the dissemination of best practices and inspiring educators to embrace active feedback methods.

The impact of her work is highlighted by the fact that students who completed the formative assignments in the undergraduate pilot achieved, on average, 23 marks higher in summative exams than those who did not submit in the first year of the pilot and a gain of 12 marks was shown in year 2, even when more students engaged. Jenni's approach to active feedback holds immense value, as it shifts the dynamics of student learning and elevates their role as active evaluators in their own educational journeys.