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Changes to our Student Services Centre

11 Jan 2024

As part of continued developments in our student support, the Student Services Centre (SSC) front desk closed permanently from Thursday, 21 December 2023

This is part of streamlining our many touchpoints across campus, to make it clearer where students should go for help.

If students have a question or need assistance with tuition fees, funding, immigration, registration, graduation, or certificates / transcripts they can:

To speak with someone face-to-face, students can go to their Student Support Hub or Doctoral Academy.

If you need to answer a question or refer a student to a support team, the new Hub Handbook* has comprehensive information and contacts for our support services. This is kept up-to-date and has a search function to find what you need.

All student support services continue to be managed by the same teams and colleagues as previously. This is only a change to how students access those services.

Students have already been told about this change and how to access support in future, via their regular email newsletters and signage at the SSC.

* You may need to refresh the handbook a couple of times to open it – there is currently a technical issue, which we’re fixing as quickly as possible.