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The Student Experience Programme (SEP) is a major change initiative for our University, introducing new technology and processes to improve the experience for our students and staff. In tandem, it is supporting the development of people and structural changes, namely a revised staffing model and new ways of working together.  

Who is leading and delivering the programme?

The Programme is led by student experience leaders from across our Schools, Faculties and central Directorates, ensuring all affected areas are represented. Please contact the leaders in your area for more information.

Around 50 colleagues have joined the Programme’s implementation teams, using their hands-on experience to develop and implement the new technology and processes.

Leading, co-ordinating, and facilitating the above work is a dedicated multi-functional Programme Team reporting to Simon Merrywest, our Programme Director.

What has been delivered so far?

People and Structures

Technology and Process


What is guiding our designs?

The new designs for roles, structures, technology and processes are all guided by our 'How We Work Together' principles. They help to shape the most important factor in implementing these changes successfully - our culture and behaviours. These principles reflect the culture of the University, our heritage, our progress over recent years, how we work now and our future aspirations. 

See the How We Work Together principles here

Next steps

Over the coming months, SEP will deliver:

  • New organisational structures across Cohort 3 areas.
  • Detailed business readiness activities, including local impact assessments, transition plans, and training and communication.
  • Changes to the way we work together, based on best practice from our operational teams, our response to COVID-19 and the wider expertise of our colleagues.
  • Continuous playback of how our proposals, plans and communications are informed by feedback from our students and staff.
  • Technology and process improvements, albeit with a slightly revised schedule as confirmed in our most recent update on this side of the Programme.