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Thousands of students use new course unit selection tool

01 Sep 2023

Last week we launched our new course unit selection tool to returning undergraduates, with a much-improved experience for students enrolling on their units for the next academic year

As of Friday, 25 August, 18,761 students were enrolled on mandatory course units and 8,081 students had used the self-service functionality to select their optional units.

The new system is clear and user friendly, with rules and automatic prompts to help students choose a suitable set of units for their course. It worked as planned, with hundreds of students receiving alerts in the system that guided them through the requirements for their course:

  • Only showed units they are eligible to take.
  • Showed how many and which units they need to fulfil course requirements. 
  • Stopped them from choosing too many units.
  • Highlighted any timetable clashes between selected units.

The system also makes it significantly easier for School colleagues to check after enrolment that students have chosen suitable and compatible units, and more easily manage programme and course unit information in Campus Solutions.

As with any new system there were some issues and queries, which were addressed quickly by School colleagues working closely with the SEP technical and implementation teams. Feedback was largely positive with a relatively small number of enquiries – our data shows that the majority of students enrolled successfully without issues.

This is a very welcome improvement on our previous course unit selection tool, which had been in use for over a decade and was a frequent source of problems and complaints.

This successful launch is the result of many teams collaborating over many months and even years – we thank them all for their efforts:

  • The Collaborative Timetabling project provided data and other support that enabled the system to highlight unit timetable clashes.
  • IT teams delivered an increase in server capacity, so the system could cope with thousands of students logging on at the same time.
  • School and Faculty teaching and learning teams worked for months preparing their student enrolment data.
  • Colleagues in the SEP technical and implementation teams spent years developing the new system, and delivered three technical releases throughout 2023 to prepare for course unit selection. They also went far above and beyond their normal working hours in the days before and after launch, to resolve any technical issues or queries.

Schools are now working to resolve the few outstanding student queries and preparing to use the system with new students, as they complete course unit selection in the next few weeks.

You can find more information about course unit selection on our student support website