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Laying the foundation for better course unit selection and refund management

03 May 2023

Continued system improvements for students and colleagues

Throughout 2023 we are upgrading and updating our systems and processes in several key areas, to create a better experience for students and colleagues.

In April we successfully completed several releases of new systems and functionality. These will help deliver a more user-friendly experience for students, and more consistent and efficient ways for colleagues to manage their activity. 

Programme enrolment and course unit selection

Colleagues will be able to more easily manage their programme and course unit information in Campus Solutions, thanks to successful technology releases in February and April.

Together these releases lay the foundation for a new course unit selection tool, which will be available to students from August 2023. A server upgrade also means the new tool will be able to handle a larger volume of students, so it should run more smoothly during peak demand times.

These are very welcome improvements, particularly as our current course unit selection tool is a frequent source of issues and complaints. 

Student finance

We have also launched new functionality making it easier and quicker for students to request refunds, track the progress of their request, and receive payment. This includes sponsors who have paid tuition fees on behalf of a student.

It will also be easier for colleagues to manage refunds – with quicker and more efficient processing, and the ability to monitor the progress of each refund.

Campus Solutions

Another of the regular updates to Campus Solutions is now complete. These are vital to ensure the system stays functional for the many colleagues and services that rely on it. These updates require significant work, testing and preparation each time – so congratulations to the team for another smooth delivery.

Thanks to the team

Once again we want to thank colleagues in the Student Experience Programme team, central directorates, Faculties, Schools and elsewhere across the University. You make these releases possible through your hard work and preparation – thank you for your efforts.

We will keep colleagues updated as releases continue and we start to see the benefits of this new technology. 

Simon Merrywest, Director for the Student Experience