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Improvements in managing course units and programmes

09 Feb 2023

A better experience for both students and colleagues

Throughout 2023, we will significantly improve the way that students and colleagues interact with our “programme enrolment”.

This is a vital area of teaching and learning, with thousands of students selecting and enrolling on course units every year for our huge variety of programmes – and colleagues across all the Faculties and Schools working to manage their enrolment.

This year, we will gradually release a series of new systems and processes for programme enrolment. Collectively these improvements will help create a better user-friendly experience for students, and more consistent and efficient ways for colleagues to manage this activity.

On Monday 6 February, we successfully launched the first release. This allows colleagues to more easily manage programme and course unit information in Campus Solutions, with better support for our huge variety of programmes.

This builds the foundations for further improvements in following releases, including a new user-friendly course unit selection tool for students. Our current tool is a frequent source of issues and complaints, so this replacement will be a really positive step forward.

These releases are the culmination of tremendous hard work and preparation over the past few years by many colleagues in the Student Experience Programme team, Faculties, Schools and elsewhere across the University. We thank them all for their efforts.

We will keep colleagues updated as the future releases roll out and we start to see the benefits of this new technology.

Simon Merrywest

Director for the Student Experience