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Improved ‘My Placement’ system goes live

23 Aug 2022

Enhanced experience for placements, field trips and group travel

The Student Experience Programme (SEP) has successfully delivered an enhanced student placement system which will improve the experience of students and staff working on activities like placements, field trips and group travel.

Many colleagues have been working hard over the last couple of years to deliver an extended and upgraded use of ‘My Placement’. This is a single system that will now be used to manage work placements, study abroad, field trips, group travel, summer schools and independent fieldwork.

In addition to the technical update, there will be changes to how these activities are managed as they will be supported by a new DSE Placements and International Programmes Team (PIP). The updated My Placement system will help standardise the way we manage student placements, creating an improved, more consistent experience for students. For staff, it will better support forward planning around such activities, improve data quality and reporting and prevent unnecessary duplication of work. Among other benefits, this will also help staff to better manage emergencies and escalate issues. 

Using this system will free academic and Professional Services colleagues time to focus on the delivery of the placement activities themselves - they can be confident that all the required elements to support the activity have been completed, such as those around risk management and supporting disabled students and other specific needs.  

My Placement will be managed and supported by a new DSE Placements and International Programmes Team (PIP). This team will be responsible for the end-to-end management of all Study Abroad activities.  

In Schools, a dedicated Teaching, Learning & Student Experience Co-ordinator will be responsible for the management of work placements, field trips and other similar activities, supported by other School colleagues and a university-wide Community of Practice. The PIP team will support Schools with standardised processes introduced via My Placement, together with strategy and policy development in all areas of placements.  

If you have any questions regarding SEP generally, please contact: