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November SEP Update

28 Nov 2021

Each month, student experience leaders deliver an update on SEP to their teams. October’s update can be found below.

Key messages:

Cohort 1

  • As with any major release of new technology, there are some residual bedding in issues. Operational Management Groups are agreeing priorities and deciding collectively on any work arounds where necessary. Two issues are currently having an impact on admissions activity and investigations are ongoing.

Cohort 2

  • The direct matching process for permanent colleagues who are not ‘at risk’ is now complete. SE Leaders’ are currently assessing the impact of the changes on our stakeholders and identifying any actions required to support individual colleagues through transition into new roles and assignments e.g. commencement dates and backfill requirements.
  • New management groups are being set up, reporting in to the Operational Delivery Leadership Groups. This will ensure decisions about implementation are made collectively by leaders and managers across all areas.

Cohort 3

  • Timelines has been impacted as It took us longer than we had planned to design the Cohort 2 structures prior to the summer. This was due to our reflecting on stakeholder feedback and trying to maximise savings in the management structures  in order to minimise the need for savings in Cohort 3.
  • Detailed design is expected to be complete by the end of the year and we're working towards presenting Cohort 3 for approval at the SEP Board at the end of January. We anticipate having Cohort 3 structures populated and implemented by the end of 2022, which is not dissimilar to the original (post-COVID) plan (which had aimed for October 2022).

Student Hubs

  • A Student Hubs section has gone live on the SEP website containing more information about the transition to Hubs and some frequently asked questions.

Read the full update here.