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October SEP Leaders Update

29 Oct 2021

Each month, student experience leaders deliver an update on SEP to their teams. October’s update can be found below.

Key messages:

Cohort 1:

  • New admissions functionality has now gone live.
  • Training resources are available on the SEP website.

Cohort 2:

  • Colleagues will receive confirmation of their new job roles and initial assignments by early November.
  • Three new Operational Delivery Leadership Groups (ODLGs) have been created to oversee the implementation of Cohort 2 and 3. Once transition has completed the groups will remain to oversee the operations of their respective areas.

Cohort 3:

  • We realised as we progressed through summer that referring to ‘Cohort 2 grades 6 and above’ and ‘Cohort 2 grades 2 to 5’ was becoming confusing. As a result, we changed the name of the final stage of the programme to ‘Cohort 3’.
  • Cohort 3 (TLSE / Campus Life and PGR colleagues at grades 2-5) timelines are being reviewed. It is anticipated that Cohort 3 proposals will be shared in Spring 2022.

Read the full update here.