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Following completion of the move from North Campus to the new home of Engineering and Materials, we’re keen to ensure the new workspace is working well for all of our occupants. With a move of this scale and complexity, the settling period will be a little longer than some of our previous relocations and there will inevitably be things that we need to alter to accommodate working style and preferences.

Launched in January 2023, the Building User Group provides a forum for representatives to offer suggestions, identify emerging issues and use insights and experiences to propose practical solutions to make changes where needed. Outputs from the Building User Group will be shared with key decision makers within the MECD Management Group on a regular basis.


To reflect the experiences of the entire community based in the workspace, membership is made up of a diverse mix of roles from across each building core of each floor, where possible. This is exclusive of some workspace areas which are made up of some staff types and not others.

Members will engage with and collect feedback from colleagues in their workspace area between sessions, identifying any emerging issues and using bi-monthly meetings to design practical solutions and suggestions. These include behavioural challenges, space and process improvements and ways of working. To raise any concerns or issues pertaining to your specific workspace area, you may wish to contact your local Building User Group representative (outlined below) or contact any of our representatives with more general issues or feedback you'd like to see discussed at an upcoming meeting.

Member Workspace area
Lisa Cullen Floor 3, Core 1
Simeon Gill Floor 3, Core 4
Jillian Yeow Floor 4, Core 2
Amna Al-Qenae Floor 4, Core 4
Eduardo Alejandro Martinez-Cesena Floor 5, Core 1
Hannah Mullings Floor 5, Core 1
Rutvik Perepa Floor 5, Core 2
Daniel Wilson Floor 5, Core 2
Haroon Haladh Floor 5, Core 4
Kathryn Downey Floor 6, Core 1


You can also raise any issues, queries or suggestions directly to our Service Delivery Team – either be emailing or using our new reporting form.

Meeting minutes

Minutes from Building User Group meetings can be found below: