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Islamophobia Awareness Month

22 Nov 2023

IAM 2023 #Muslim Stories staff panel event on Monday, 27 November

Islamophobia Awareness Month

This Islamophobia Awareness Month, join us to share The University of Manchester’s #MuslimStories for a special panel event, open to all staff to celebrate and be inspired by the diversity of Muslim speakers and colleagues at the University.

Our panel includes: 

  • Nazir Afzal OBE, Chancellor of The University of Manchester
  • Sufyan Ismail, Founder of MEND, Muslim Engagement and Development, and UoM alumni
  • Shemsah Farooq, International Relations Officer and Muslim Staff Network Co-lead (Event Chair)
  • Banji Adewumi, Director, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Directorate
  • Mohammad Ullah, Chaplain, The University of Manchester

This year's campaign is to facilitate connections among individuals from diverse backgrounds, including both Muslims and non-Muslims and tell the stories that can make a difference, to tackle and challenge narratives and come together in solidarity, across all communities. 

Event information 

IAM 2023 #Muslim Stories, 4:30pm to 6pm 

Location: MECD: Blended Th1 

(GA.056), Manchester, M13 9SS

All colleagues are invited to attend. 

This year's event builds on success of the "Being Muslim at Manchester" initiative, launched in November 2021, by our Muslim Staff Network, working together with our Directorate of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

This initiative is led by the Muslim Staff Network at the University. As with all of our Staff Network Groups, the Network provides a safe and supportive space for staff who identify as Muslim and those with an interest to learn more. We would kindly request that all staff attending the event do so with respect and understanding.

Membership of the Muslim Staff Network is open to all staff with a positive interest in driving forward religious equality within our University.