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Transgender Day of Remembrance

20 Nov 2023

Remembering those who have lost their lives to transphobia

Lighting a candle for Transgender Day of Remembrance

For the eleventh year running our University will mark Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) to honour those who have lost their lives to transphobia in the last 12 months.

This year, we have created a space for reflection in Royce Building.  Throughout the day, there will be the opportunity to light a candle and leave your anonymous thoughts on our TDOR Wall.  From 5.30pm we will be showing a video which commemorates those lives lost in the last 12 months due to transphobia and also allow trans colleagues and allies to share their thoughts in a safe space.

We are very fortunate to live and work in a society and community which embraces all people and we hope this event will enable people to understand the barriers still faced by the trans community as well as the transphobia which is still sadly prevalent. 

Vice-President for Teaching, Learning and Students, April McMahon, said: 'We acknowledge that Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is a difficult and emotional time for our trans staff, allies and their community.  We want to use 20 November as a time for reflection and respectfully paying tribute to those who have lost their lives due to transphobia in the last year. '

'Reflecting in this way also makes us think of how we can address inequalities and make a positive impact for our trans and non-binary staff and students.'

'We have robust reporting systems such as Report and Support, and our network group ALLOUT are available to support any member of the LGBT+ community.  We have improved our trans policy and guidance in 2022 as well as ensuring our new strategy gives safe spaces to our trans and non-binary colleagues.  We are also working to ensure we have a fully inclusive campus for the trans community.  So please take the time to think about the actions against trans people, all those transgender people whose lives were lost to anti-trans violence, and how we can all work together to support trans rights to life, not only in Manchester, but around the world.'

The number of countries with laws and legislation which recognise gender identity and expression is increasing, but many do not recognise the trans community.  Find out more about individual countries. 

Whilst the event is a time for reflection and commemoration, we will also be looking forward to the positive changes we can influence over the next twelve months. 

Learning opportunities 

Read our University guidance, and watch a short video on barriers faced by trans colleagues, you can include your pronouns on Teams (new feature) and all members of staff can become a trans ally through our ALLOUT Allies Scheme.  

Monday, 20 November, 1pm, MECD 2A.032

Lived experience of trans colleagues - exploring current legislation in the UK, challenges faced by trans staff and ways cisgender staff can be allies to the trans community. 

More Information 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion