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Get a support plan

What is a support plan?

The support plan is a confidential document that helps to identify any support you may need around your disability.

Every support plan is different, but here are some details that could be included.

  • To raise awareness about your support needs in work
  • To record any equipment loaned to you by DASS
  • To recommend ‘reasonable adjustments’ and outline ways that DASS and your line managers can implement these

When is a support plan created?

After you’re fully registered with us, and we’ve identified what support you need, then we’ll then look into creating a support plan for you

Who will you send my support plan to?

This depends on the permission you’ve given us, as we can only put our support in place if you’ve given us permission to talk to certain people.

If you’ve given us consent, we will usually email the support plan to the HR , Occupational Health and your line manager.

Where is my support plan?

We store a copy of your support plan on our secure database and it can only be accessed by appropriate staff within DASS.

What if the support identified in the plan isn’t meeting my needs?

Please contact your Disability Advisory and Support Service caseworker to discuss this further, and do this as soon as possible, because we may need to meet you to review this.

What if I’m not receiving the support you’ve recommended?

Contact your advisor as soon as possible if you’re not receiving support.