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Film and imagery

Imagery gives an eye-catching glimpse of life at the University, portraying our activities and achievements in a clear and evocative way.

Our imagery must establish an emotional connection with our key audiences by creating interest, generating excitement and inspiring brand loyalty. These guidelines show you how to achieve this:

Films offer the most evocative way of engaging with our stakeholders. They aim to tap directly into our audience’s emotions, instilling feelings of pride, inspiration and excitement through the use of engaging storytelling techniques and great visuals.

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The following are training courses open to all University staff.

Planning your video’s story

Take charge of your latest video production from the start. In this session you'll explore how to tell story in video and engage viewers emotionally. Discover how to create a compelling narrative and learn what goes into making associated production documents such as a treatment. (This session does not cover practical filmmaking skills such as shooting and editing).

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What’s a good photograph?

Perfectly shot or eliciting an emotion, what makes a good image? In this session you will explore all the elements that make up a good image then learn to take some your self. Suitable for all levels. Bring along a camera or a phone to shoot on.

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