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Leadership in Education Awards Programme (LEAP)

Important information

Please note that the Leadership in Education Awards Programme (LEAP) will close to new enrolments at 9am, Thursday 28 March 2024. This to support the transition to a revised scheme that will launch in September 2024 following a change in Advance HE accreditation and the launch of the updated Professional Standards Framework, 2023 (PSF).

If you have already enrolled on the programme prior to Thursday 28 March 2024, you can continue to access the support available and develop your Advance HE fellowship application under the current programme. The final application deadline for those developing their application for Advance HE fellowship against the UK Professional Standards Framework 2011 (UKPSF) is Thursday 20 June 2024.

Further guidance and information about the upcoming changes in Advance HE accreditation and the launch of the revised University of Manchester Advance HE Fellowship Scheme is available on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) webpage.

The Leadership in Education Awards Programme (LEAP) supports you in documenting and evidencing your teaching excellence, and is an opportunity for you to receive a formal, national qualification for your teaching. 

The below video is a recording of a LEAP Information Session that you may find useful to get an overview of the programme.

Advance HE fellowships

LEAP is accredited by Advance HE to award Associate, Fellow, Senior and Principal Advance HE fellowships. Each category of fellowship is aligned to one of the four Descriptors of the UK Professional Standards Framework 2011 (UKPSF). The fellowship category that you apply for will be determined by how much of the Descriptor that you can evidence.

To help you start thinking about which fellowship category is most suitable for you the fellowship categories are:

  • Associate Fellow (AFHEA / Descriptor 1) - for those new to teaching, support staff or those who support teaching and learning as a relatively minor part of their role.
  • Fellow (FHEA / Descriptor 2) - for those with a more substantive teaching and learning support role.
  • Senior Fellow (SFHEA / Descriptor 3) - for those with a significant teaching leadership role and who have had an influence on professional practice beyond their own teaching.
  • Principal Fellow (PFHEA / Descriptor 4) - for those who able to demonstrate impact at a strategic level (institutional, national or international context) and a wider commitment to academic practice and leadership in teaching and learning.‌ To find out more about Principal Fellowship watch this video from Professor Judy Williams (LEAP academic lead) on `What is Principal Fellowship?`

If you're still unsure which fellowship category would be the most suitable for you try the Advance HE fellowship category tool. The tool has been designed by AdvanceHE to help you determine which category of fellowship is the closest match to your current practice.

Support available

To provide you with the most effective support for your fellowship application, resources and workshops are tailored to the category of fellowship for which you are applying. Support available includes fellowship category workshops and online resources and is designed to help you develop your application and to help you reflect on your achievements in teaching and learning.

Online resource

The LEAP online resource has been designed to support you to develop your application at a time and pace that suits you. There are two resources available - one for those applying for Associate Fellow, Fellow and Senior Fellow and one for those applying for Principal Fellow. The online resources include:

  • Information about the UKPSF and the application requirements
  • Examples of past applications
  • Downloadable templates for you to use in your application
  • Blogs and top tips from alumni
  • Advice, guidance and useful links to help you with different aspects of the application.

To access the online resources, you can self-enrol on Blackboard. 

The Institute of Teaching and Learning blog, TEA: Teach, Explore, Apply, features blog posts from LEAP alumni offering advice and reflecting on their own experiences of applying for AdvanceHE fellowship.

Fellowship category workshops

Fellowship category workshops are designed to help you to reflect on your teaching and learning practice and to develop your LEAP application against the UKPSF 2011. During the workshops you will:

  • explore the fellowship criteria and UK Professional Standards Framework (PSF) in more detail - please note we will continue to use the UKPSF 2011 until 1st September 2024
  • have the opportunity to discuss your application and evidence with peers who are also applying for the same category of fellowship
  • gain an understanding of the LEAP application and assessment process.

Book to attend

Attendance at workshops is optional howeever, we highly recommend attending a LEAP workshop where possible to support you with your application. 

Reflection workshops and writing sessions

Reflective practice is an essential component of all applications for Advance HE fellowship. To help you develop your reflective practice and carve out time to work on your application, the Institute of Teaching and Learning run regular reflective practice workshops and Pomodoro writing sessions. 

Book to attend

Find out more about these workshops and book to attend by following the hyperlinks below.

Other support

LEAP Viva Engage group

The LEAP Viva Engage group is an online peer support group open to all LEAP participants. The group provides an opportunity for all participants to connect with colleagues from across the University who are also working on their application for Advance HE fellowship. The group is moderated by the LEAP team who are active in the group to offer advice, answer questions and share top tips and key information.


For more information please contact the Institute of Teaching and Learning