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Volunteering contributes to the university’s third goal – social responsibility, which identifies that as a University we wish to create socially responsible graduates.  Through Volunteer Hub, students are able to contribute to local, national and international communities whilst gaining new knowledge and skills as part of their own development.


Why volunteering?

There are also strong links between volunteering and employability.  Increasingly, prospective employers are asking candidates about volunteering.  This is not just in careers where volunteering is traditionally seen as relevant experience (such as teaching, youth work and social work ) but a significant number of graduate recruiters in the business and corporate sector are asking specifically about student’s experience and skills that they have gained through volunteering.


With all the pressures of student life, volunteering is a great way for students to meet new people, engage and feel more connected to Manchester and build their confidence.  For this reason volunteering is seen as a key wellbeing activity.

images of volunteers

 Volunteering in Uganda

volunteering in UK

Students get involved in a recycling initiative to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation


Students from FBMH undertake outreach education in a local school

Students from FBMH undertake outreach education in a local school 

The University of Manchester has a comprehensive Volunteer Hub for students wishing to get involved in volunteering, offering a range of opportunities in partnership with around 400 community organisations and charities.  The opportunities may be one-off events requiring minimal commitment, regular (often weekly) commitments of a couple of hours a week or projects where students are involved in the planning and leadership of the activities.

A comprehensive set of information for students is available on their website. Through this site, students can also access Volunteer Hub, a database of current opportunities.  Students set up a personal account and can then apply for roles and track the hours they have completed. Volunteering hours also count towards the Stellify Award.

Webpages have been developed specifically for staff, to promote volunteering.