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What is the Timetable Project about?

The University's Timetable Project aims to provide the University with a better system of timetabling. Making improvements to our timetabling processes will mean we can:

  • support the delivery of the best teaching and learning experience possible for all our students
  • provide more flexibility for our staff
  • understand how to make the best use of spaces across our campus

What will the Project deliver?

As a result of the Timetable Project, the benefits identified will deliver:

  • complete, personal, and timely online timetables for students and staff;
  • timetables that have considered student and staff priorities and preferences;
  • a reduction in the number of errors and change requests;
  • an annual review of all staff Flexible Working Agreements to ensure that there is a single view of staff availability to produce accurate timetables each year.  

We have already delivered:

  • accurate and up-to-date timetable data that will be held in Syllabus+;
  • a review and audit of all campus space used for teaching and learning and that will be recorded in Syllabus+;
  • new institutional Standard Operating Procedures and processes for collaborative timetabling;
  • clear and defined roles for those with scheduling responsibilities;
  • a dedicated Faculty Scheduling Team who will be the main point-of-contact for timetable-related queries.

I'm an academic, what changes can I expect to see?

We've put together a handy overview of the changes you can expect to the way we construct timetables.

This short presentation outlines:

  • Key changes for academic colleagues
  • How the new process will work in a chronological order
  • A top-level timeline of when changes come into effect and deadlines you can expect
  • Key Central and Faculty Scheduling team contacts and other resources

Please do share this information with your fellow academic colleagues.

What is collaborative timetabling?

Behind the scenes, changes being implemented by SEP (the Student Experience Programme) will focus future scheduling at a collaborative Faculty level, rather than a School level. Faculty teams will manage when teaching and learning activities take place, and in what spaces/rooms on campus through liaison and input from School level.

This 'collaborative timetabling' approach benefits our students by adopting a consistent and agreed way of producing timetables across all three Faculties. This also means that in the future we'll have teaching schedules that will be fairer for everyone.

We're planning to get finalised and collated timetables out to staff and students earlier, with fewer last-minute changes and adjustments - meaning much less hassle and stress. The first timetable produced using the collaborative approach to timetabling will be for the 2023/24 academic year.

Collaborative timetabling: roles and responsibilities

A closer look at the responsibilities of different groups of academic and PS colleagues in faculty-level collaborative timetabling.

You can also download/view this table in pdf format here.