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About Stellify

The University of Manchester is distinctive within the British higher education sector for our commitment to social responsibility. Evidenced in research through our five Research Beacons, we’re also seeking to make it more obvious in our teaching and learning opportunities.

We are doing this through our Stellify programme, a student-focused initiative that supports the University’s commitment to social responsibility.

Its package of activities guides students to develop the distinctive attributes of a University of Manchester graduate.

It encourages our students to get involved in activities that will develop their skills and experiences; to become socially responsible, innovative, resourceful graduates who are able to make a positive contribution to society and are also more employable.

This host of transformational academic and extracurricular activities will help our students stand out, make their mark and make a difference to the world.

The activities are linked to five points of action:

1. Learn without boundaries

Students can take an academic course unit through University College for Interdisciplinary Learning (UCIL), studying outside of their own disipline alongside students with different academic backgrounds.

2. Understand the issues that matter

This includes our Ethical Grand Challenges on sustainability, social justice and workplace ethics.

3. Make a difference

This can be done through community-facing volunteering.

4. Step up and lead

Students can achieve this through arange of activities where they represent, lead, support and advopcate for their peers.  The roles include student representation in the Students’ Union, Halls of Residence, Peer Support and Sport or by being a Student Wellbeing, Volunteering, or Entrepreneurship Champion. 

5. Create your future

This involves careers activities and work experience that complement our students’ studies, boost their employability and broaden their horizons.

How is it recorded and validated?

For undergraduates, Stellify activities are recorded on the official transcript of their academic and extra-curricular achievements, their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). They are able to share their transcript with potential employers as a verified account of all their successes as a University of Manchester student.

Stellify also includes the Stellify Award, an optional part of the programme that is presented to students upon graduation if they have completed a series of specific activities, including two of the Ethical Grand Challenges, 25 hours of community-facing volunteering and two leadership roles. For more information on this, visit: