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Develop your emotional intelligence in 2023

09 Jan 2023

Guidance on the L&OD resources available to support you to develop your emotional intelligence at work

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important skills you need at work. It helps us to understand and manage our own emotions and interpret the emotions of our colleagues, helping us to build stronger working relationships.

Research shows that emotional intelligence is four times better at predicting a person’s success at work compared to IQ, and teams with highly emotionally intelligent people perform better, have increased job satisfaction, and higher retention rates.


Focusing on building your emotional intelligence could be one of the most important things for your development in 2023. It can be tricky to assess your own levels of emotional intelligence, but our questionnaire is designed to help you do that by enlisting the help of people you work with.

There are a range of resources available through the L&OD team to help you to develop your emotional intelligence:


Emotional intelligence is one of the most important skills for effective management and leadership, and is one of the nine leadership qualities in our Leadership Framework. Emotionally intelligent leaders can communicate and collaborate more effectively, build stronger relationships and build more effective teams.

There are a number of options within L&OD to support leaders and managers to develop their emotional intelligence:

  • Emotional intelligence is a core component of our Leading at Manchester programme. We are currently taking applications for a cohort starting in March 2023, and you can submit your application.
  • If you are currently in a leadership role, you can be supported to undertake 360° feedback aligned to the Leadership Framework to help build your self-awareness. Please contact L&OD if you are interested in finding out more.
  • LinkedIn Learning has a range of courses aimed at individuals in leadership or management roles such as Leading with Emotional Intelligence (1 hour) and Compassionate Leadership (53m)


Research shows that when looking at top performers in organisations, 90% of them have high emotional intelligence. Resources are available to support you to develop your own career development plan, and you may wish to include a focus on developing emotional intelligence within this.

Regular workshops are available for staff delivered by our Careers Service to support you to reflect on your career direction.

Learn, Lead, Progress

L&OD would like to share resources, ideas, guidance and opportunities to support your development and career progression at the University.

Learn, Lead, Progress will cover various learning topics to ensure you have access to the most relevant and up to date learning as we move through the year.

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