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President's office

The President and Vice-Chancellor is the chief executive officer of the University under the delegated authority of the Board of Governors. The President and Vice-Chancellor is responsible for the effective and efficient management of the University, for the conduct of its business generally and the achievement of institutional objectives.

The Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor provides administrative support for the President and Vice-Chancellor which includes the management of her diary, providing the secretariat for the University’s Senior Leadership Team and organising events including ceremonial occasions, VIP visits, etc.

The Office co-ordinates all Royal and ministerial and equivalent-level visits across the University and also provides advice on the protocols to be used in events involving the President and Vice-Chancellor, the Chancellor, and/or senior externals. In addition the Office provides advice on awards and honours, including national honours.

Administrative support for the Chancellor, the Chairman of the Board of Governors and the Honorary Special Advisor is also provided by the Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor.

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