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Display Screen Equipment Assessors and School Safety Advisers

DSE Assessors

If you have carried out a DSE Assessment, and the person still requires further support due, for example, to an upper limb disorder or long-term back pain, please discuss a referral to the DSO with the individual.  

If the person is happy for you to refer them to the DSO, please visit:

Alternatively, you can ask them to contact the DSO directly at:

If the person decides that they do not wish to access the DSO’s services, please explain that this may limit the level support the university can provide, and make a note of this.

On occasion, it may be that the DSO then refers the person on to Occupational Health, either additionally, or because we are unable to provide them with support.

School Safety Advisers

If you are, for example, discussing a PEEP or meeting with a member of staff to discuss a risk assessment, and they disclose a disability, we would advise you to refer them to the Staff Disability Adviser. 

For further information about when to refer to the DSO visit:

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP)

When the Staff Disability Adviser meets with individual members of staff, they will discuss any potential requirement for a PEEP. 

If they feel that one may be required they will:

  • Send a notification to the person’s line manager
  • Attach the PEEP staff procedure
  • Ask them to arrange for the PEEP questionnaire to be completed and returned to the DSO.