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Referring staff to the DSO

When to refer to the DSO

If a member of staff discloses a disability to you, or you become aware that they have a disability, we would always advise that you discuss a referral to the Staff Disability Adviser.

If you ask a member of staff whether they think there is any support that they require, and they say no, this may be because they are not aware of the full range of support open to them in terms of parking, role adjustment, travel to work, equipment, mental health support, support workers and signposting.   

We would advise that you explain to staff that coming to see the DSO does not in any way change their status at the University, and can simply take the form of a brief confidential chat to discuss the range of support options available.

Additionally, it is also useful to state that if the member of staff comes to the DSO and, after this meeting, feels that they do not require support, there will be no requirement to take this up. 

If an employee does not wish to be referred

Disabled employees are under no obligation to attend the DSO, however, you should make clear to them that if they do not attend, this may make affect the level of support that they can receive

If, after discussion, the member of staff decides that they do not wish to be referred to the DSO for advice, we would advise that you make a note of this discussion, and that the referral was refused. 

Establishing ‘disability’

For information about who the DSO supports and specific exclusions from the DDA visit:

If you are still unsure, please contact the Staff Disability Adviser at:

Referring to multiple support services

You can refer, e.g. to Occupational Health and DSO at the same time, however, please make both services aware of this so that we can liaise.