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Notification Process

The vast majority of staff registering with the DSO give their consent for us to notify Line Managers about the support that they are being provided with.

However, disabled staff have the right to limit the information which is shared about their disability.  All staff who choose to register with the DSO are asked to sign a consent form which gives them options for varying levels of disclosure. 

The benefits of disclosure are explained to individual members of staff, but some do choose to limit this information.

For more information about confidentiality and disclosure visit:

Procedure for notifying line managers about disabled staff

If the DSO is likely to recommend support which will have a cost implication for the University, we will send an email to you, explaining this, and the way such costs are shared. 

Once we know exact costings, we will send a further email to you describing the support to be purchased, and requesting a budget code for any School/Division contribution.

When we talk to staff, if we think it likely that they may need adjustments to their role, we will always contact you to discuss how these adjustments can be implemented in the best way.