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Building and room accessibility

Building Accessibility

Individual building access and car parking at the University of Manchester is held at:

The University’s campus map also displays an accessible route around the campus, marked in red:

Timetabling meetings or lectures in accessible rooms

If you have a particular requirement for an accessible room, or need to request a particular room, please inform:

Central Teaching Spaces also holds an online catalogue of all central teaching and meeting rooms, which lists the accessibility features of each room:

If you are having difficulties accessing suitable meeting or teaching rooms for your requirements, please contact the Staff Disability Adviser at:

Deaf Alerter

The Deaf Alerter is a radio-based fire alarm warning and public address messaging system for Deaf and hard of hearing people.  The individual carries a receiver which will vibrate strongly when a fire alarm is activated in the building.

The University of Manchester currently has the deaf alerter system installed in some of the University's buildings listed below with their campus map listed number:

Alan Turing Building - 46
Chemistry Building - 61
George Kenyon Building and Hall of Residences and PC Cluster - 93
Jean McFarlane Building - 92
University Place - 37
AV Hill Building - 75
Arthur Lewis Building - 36
John Rylands Library - 55

If you feel that you would benefit from using the Deaf Alerter System or have any other queries about it, please contact the Staff Disability Adviser at:

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Access Audit

The University has recently contracted an external company to carry out an Access Audit covering the majority of the campus buildings.  The Directorate of Estates are leading on this, and implementation of works is anticipated in the near future.