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What we do

The Governance Office, which forms part of the Directorate of Legal Affairs and Board Secretariat, provides a support service for the following functions:

1. Detailed support to the Registrar, Secretary and Chief Operating Officer (in his capacity as Clerk to the University's governing body) for the work of the Board of Governors.  This is provided by the Deputy Secretary, who also:

  • provides advice on all matters associated with the constitution and the arrangements for University governance;
  • seeks to promote the attainment and maintenance of high and consistent professional standards for committee servicing in the University.
  • oversees all elections and appointments to the Board of Governors, Senate and the General Assembly

2. Providing advice on the interpretation of the University’s constitutional and regulatory framework as embodied in the Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and General Regulations of the University.

3. Advice on the public interest disclosure policy and procedures (‘whistleblowing’)

4. Advice regarding events that fall within the remit of the Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech at the University, including liaison with the Students’ Union

5. Leading on the University’s policy framework, including policy development and formulation

6. Providing support for the work of the Planning and Resources Committee and the Finance and Capital Planning Sub-Committee.

Find out more information regarding our governance structure, the people who lead our governance structure, copies of the most recent corporate documents and the founding documents of the University:

Find out more about our governance and management committees.

Feedback from the Staff Survey 2019 revealed that colleagues would like to know more about how decisions are made at our University.

An animated diagram has been created to help explain at a University-level the different governance and management committees

Governance Team contacts are:

Head of Governance Office and Deputy Secretary

Mark Rollinson ext. 63772

Senior Governance Manager

John Marsh 07785 593240

Governance Manager

Sally Ainsworth ext. 57008

Governance Manager                                         

Kate Brown ext. 52016 

Personal Assistant to Deputy Secretary

and Governance Office                                    

Debbie Mackender ext. 52157