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  • From November 2021 - departmental timetabling colleagues receive training, advice and guidance on the timetable data capture and scheduling process.
  • Friday the 25th February 2022 - deadline for all academic staff to record/submit their flexible working/restricted teaching agreements via the Faculty Collaborative Timetabling website.
  • Friday the 4th March 2022 - deadline for Departments to submit 2022-23 timetable data, scheduling precis and students sets.
  • From Monday the 7th March 2022 - the Faculty timetable team test the uploaded data and liaise with Departments to address discrepancies and schedule the 2022-23 timetables.
  • Friday the 27th May 2022 - Central Teaching Spaces deadline for all timetable information and the cut-off date for FSE to complete scheduling.

2022/23 course unit database guide

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2022/23 academic calendar

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View the programme, unit and location timetables

Scheduling has commenced so the programme, unit and location timetables can all be viewed as timetables are constructed. Colleagues should e-mail with any concerns or comments.

2022/23 timetabling strategy

The Faculty Timetabling Team will schedule activities across a single estate (South Campus), optimising available space on a best fit basis. Whilst specific requests can be made for certain MECD teaching spaces, the MECD Departments are not guaranteed to have a minimum amount of time and space in the Meet and Teach rooms. 

Where specific MECD locations are required, travel time to and from preceding and proceeding activities will be considered. 

Booking space for academic advising/supervision/drop-in/consultation in Engineering Building A

There are 45 Meet and Teach rooms of with a capacity of 10 people or less - these are available for undergraduate, PGT and Y1 CDT academic advising, supervision, tutorials and drop-in sessions. Where these activities can form part of your timetable data submission by the 4th March 2022, for example undergraduate academic advising, it is advisable to do so. Please contact your Departmental timetablers to discuss which units this can be optimised for. 

The meeting rooms on the 4th and 5th floors of Engineering Building A are not available to be used for UG, PGT or CDT Y1 activities because these students will not have access to these floors. 

Non-teaching bookings

Requests for meeting spaces that do not form part of teaching can be made via Central Teaching Spaces after the 2022-23 timetables have been scheduled and following the Central Teaching Spaces room allocation period (typically the end of July). 

Formal, regular FSE staff meetings that are held on campus, for example School Ops meetings, can be requested as part of the FSE 2022-23 scheduling cycle (7th March – 27th May), subject to availability. These bookings will be restricted to the 4th and 5th floor Meet and Teach Spaces which includes three rooms of size 10, seven rooms of size 16 and two rooms of size 18. Please contact to request these.