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Ways of working

The new home for Engineering and Materials brings together a community of over 2,000 colleagues, PGRs and PDRAs into one dynamic home, placing greater emphasis on collaboration and knowledge sharing across departments and disciplines. This core principle is reflected in the design and layout of our workspace, bringing teams together around common synergies and research areas.

The move to this new space marks a shift in traditional ways of working for many members of our community, whether that be the move to open plan working or the types of spaces where various teaching activities will now be carried out. With this in mind, our Ready Network met for a series of workshops in late 2021, providing feedback around the suitability of different space types throughout the building for a range of different teaching acitvities, as well as helping to establish general etiquette and principles in using the new workspace.

The resources on this page are the ouputs from this work, designed to provide an overview of the range of spaces available for carrying out different activities throughout your new workspace and guiding principles to ensure the needs of the entire community are met in the way we use the space.

If you have any further questions around the range of spaces available throughout workspace or the content of these resources, please email