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Leadership Training at The University of Manchester

As author Simon Sinek pointed out, ‘good leaders always start with WHY’. In other words, they inspire others to action by explaining the purpose, cause, beliefs and reasons why the organisation they lead exists. This cause cannot be simply something along the lines of ‘to make money’ because this is more of a result than reason to exist.  In the case of The University of Manchester it is:   ‘To advance education, knowledge and wisdom for the good of society.’

In order to fulfil that mission we need to create an inclusive, diverse and agile working environment where people with different backgrounds, cultures and experiences share their ideas. Therefore, commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is crucial in terms of fulfilling this mission. 

This also means that we need a diverse pool of leaders and to do this we encourage those members of staff who come from minority groups (eg: Disabled, Female, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) to apply for the appropriate leadership training that the institution invests in. 

In these pages you can find information about the following: (click the link on the left hand side to take you to the University pages for these programmes) 


This programme is run by Diversity UK and provides leadership training for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff.  Currently we send one member of staff from each faculty and one from Professional Services.  Applications for 2023 will open in Winter 2022. 


Aurora is Advance HE's leadership development initiative for women. It is run as a unique partnership bringing together leadership experts, higher education providers and research institutes to take positive action to address the under-representation of women in leadership positions in the sector.