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Women in Environmental Sciences

Women in Environmental Science group
The WiES group was inaugurated following a workshop held on Wednesday the 13th of June, 2018 at the Roscoe Building- University of Manchester. Female academics, early career researchers, UG/postgraduate students, and women with a general interest in the environment particularly welcome.
The group‘s objectives are to:
• to promote interdisciplinary environmental sciences between academics and non-academics. 
• to provide a forum to talk about issues that affect and appeal to women in the field of environmental sciences;
• to share experiences of female leaders (from within and outside academia) who work in the field; 
• to provide hands-on activities in a wide range of environmental sciences
• to provide a platform for career mentoring, leadership and development; and,
• to promote networking opportunities for women.
• to inspire and motivate women to take on leadership roles in environmental sciences
We have a particular focus on key environmental issues, knowledge exchange and transfer and questions linked to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals.  We are especially interested in SDG 5, which aims for “gender equality and empowerment for all women and girls.” We actively promote the idea that “women have choices” 
Our latest event took place in June 2019.  A full event programme can be seen here: WiES Event June 2019
small poster advertising WiES June 2019 event
The inaugural event took place in June 2018.  The full agenda can be viewed here: WiES Event June 2018 and you can watch some videos talking about the impact of the event: video 1 video 2
Twitter: @in_sciences