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MECT - Muslim Staff Network Group



The Muslim Staff Network Group is currently undergoing some changes.


The Muslim Staff Network (MSN) began in June 2008.  In February 2014 the group merged with the Muslim Chaplaincy in Higher Trust (MECT).
The Trust grew to support Muslims and promote relevant issues across The University of Manchester, as well as its partner higher education institutions: Manchester Metropolitan University and the Royal Northern College of Music, by providing:
• an independent, reliable and welcoming point of contact for queries, concerns and referrals by and about Muslims in Higher Education, with supported access for students & staff, their friends, family, professionals and the institutions themselves;
• fully inclusive, Pan – Islamic support to staff and students from the widest spectrum of Islamic communities, whether traditional or modern, fundamentalist or secular, practicing or non – practicing;  
• a safe, supportive, non – judgemental, Islamic space which was fully confidential & free from sectarianism and other divisive behaviours.

Latest News

The Trust continued to play an active role across the university until ceasing operations in December 2016, which means there is currently no Muslim Staff Network in operation at the University. This provides an exciting opportunity for us to look at new ways of how this could be done. Interested colleagues are invited to contact at our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Team  on an informal basis in the first instance.

After working closely with Equality and Diversity extra information around examinations and Ramadan has been produced. From 2015 the two will overlap - more details on dates and arrangements can be found in this hand guide:

Further information

In the interim all enquiries should be directed to St Peter's Chaplaincy or you can contact the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team on