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Index Results

The University has participated in the Stonewall Employer Index since 2012:

2022: 22nd out of 403

2021: no index due to pandemic

2020: 47th out of 503

2019: 20th out of 445

2018: 16th out of 434

2017: 41st out of 439

2016: 53rd out of 416

2015: 43rd out of 397

2014: 158th out of 369

2013: 161st out of 376

2012: 235th out of 350

Click on the links to discover more about that particular year.  

We are extremely proud to have been featured in the Top 100 for SEVEN consecutive years.  We jumped a massive 115 places between 2014 and 2015 to place us in the Top 100 for the first time.  Our current position means we are amongst the highest ranked Universities in England and one of the top companies in the North West. In 2018, we were also named as one of the Top 10 Trans employers in the UK.  Discover the full 2020 results via this link.

In 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 AND 2022 the Network Group ALLOUT also received a 'highly commended' award for the hard work and inclusive activities carried out and in 2015 was named the best network group in the NorthWest.

The index measures how 'LGBT+ inclusive' organisations are and looks at different areas such as engagement, activities, networks and inclusion of LGBT staff in documentation.


A team of nine people are worked on the 2022 index. If you would like to be involved in the 2023 submission, please contact:

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