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Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender Staff Network Group (ALLOUT)

Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender Staff Network Group

ALLOUT - The Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender Staff Network Group

The group was relaunched in February 2010 and renamed ALLOUT in 2013.

ALLOUT is fully inclusive and welcomes all Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual, Trans, non binary staff as well as anyone who may have an interest or wish to support colleagues, friends and relatives.  We also encourage those with 'multiple identities' or people questioning their sexual orientation to find out more and to join in the work and activities of ALLOUT.

We run a confidential mailing list as well as organising different events at relevant points throughout the year.  As well as being consulted on policy development and review, the group has a place on the bi-annual equality, diversity and inclusion forum where any issues affecting LGBT staff can be put forward.  Members of staff (whether formally a member of the group or not) can contact the chair for confidential support and advice on any LGBT issue.  The group's Terms of Reference can be seen in the following document:

You can join the confidential mailing list by contacting:


June 2019: We were proud to be part of the NADSN and LGBT+NoN Conference

May 2019: Manchester Pride - see full details on our dedicated Pride pages 

May 2019: IDAHOBIT events included a conversation event held at St Peters House; a collaborative event with Delloites and a message of support was communicated from our senior leaders. 

February 2019: We hosted a full timetable of events for LGBT History Month

December 2018: We raised over £500 for World AIDS Day in collaboratoin with the DSN and BAME Networks as well as the Student LGBTQ society.

November 2018 We'll be marking Transgender Day of Remembrance. Further info to follow

September 2018: we celebrated Bivisibility day.  Read more in this article.

Forthcoming Events & Activities

Manchester Pride needs you!  Do you want to be involved in our University entry?  We need volunteers to help with planning and execution of this.  Please contact for more details.  Further information is available on our dedicated Pride pages.

Next Meeting - The next meeting is October 2 at 12.30pm

WalkOUT - The next walk will be in August 2019.  More details from Thomas - or Anna -

Stonewall - Find out the latest on our dedicated Stonewall Page

The Proud Trust - discover more about the work of our 'community partner' and work we'll be doing with them on our new pages


The LGBT Network Group produces a regular newsletter/weekly digest - they are archived in the Newsletter Section.

LGBT and Religion

You can read a message from Chaplain Rev Ben Edson here.

If you have any questions, please mail: