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Manchester Universities Staff and Postgraduate Christian Fellowship



Manchester Universities' Staff and Postgraduate Christian Fellowship (the Fellowship, for short) is a staff Christian group drawn from the University of Manchester (UoM), Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM). The Fellowship is the successor of a group of Christian academic staff, which was founded in 1981 at the University of Manchester, and is now open to all Christian staff and postgraduate students from the above institutions.  

The aim of the group is to enable Christians to meet together for prayer, mutual support and discussion.


Christian Fellowship Programme 2019 - Anyone interested is welcome to the events below.

Transforming Work

This is a series of Bible Study/discussion sessions.

All sessions are 1pm-1.50pm

Wed 13th Feb              Why does work matter?                      Uni Place 4.212

Wed 6th March            How can I do good work?                    Uni Place 4.212

Wed 3rd April               How can I flourish at work?                Uni Place 4.212

Wed 1st May                How can I influence the culture?         Uni Place 4.212

Wed 22nd May             How can improve relationships?          Samuel Alexander A202

Wed 5th June               How can I share my faith at work?       Samuel Alexander A202

Wed 3rd July                How can I tackle issues?                      Uni Place 5.207

Wed 31st July               How can I remain faithful?                   Samuel Alexander A215



These lunches are a relaxed time to meet informally, or bring non-Christian bring friends along. 

All sessions are between 12.30pm and 1.30pm

Wed 27th Feb               Milk and Honey Café

Fri 29th March              Milk and Honey Café

Wed 8th May                Milk and Honey Café

Wed 19th June             Milk and Honey Café

(Further dates may be added)


Prayer Meetings

Each session has a different prayer focus. People are invited to write down their prayer requests, and then we pray through them, either aloud or silently.

All sessions are 1pm-1.50pm

Wed 20th March          Roscoe 4.8

Wed 17th April            Uni Place 6.208          

Wed 17th July             Uni Place 5.208

Communication of Fellowship events and news is mainly by an email circulation list.  We also have a website

For further information about the group and events, or to subscribe to the Fellowship list, please contact the chair Christine Jinks on or vice-chair Shirley Jenner on

A full list of worship areas on campus can be found on the Sacred Spaces Map