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About Us

In 2021 we held elections for new co-chairs.  Berrisford Edwards stood down as co-chair - the new co-chairs will be announced in May 2021.

As part of the new structure, there will be additional supporting roles available to support the co-chairs:

Engagement officers
Communication and Publicity officers
Social Events Officers

Terms of Reference

We have recently updated our Terms of Reference to reflect changes and the approach to our work.

They can be found here:

Terms of Reference

For ease of access they are also summarised below:

• To promote the interests of BAME staff employed at The University of Manchester.
• To raise awareness of BAME issues at The University.
• To monitor and assess the effective implementation of actions created in relation to the Race Equality Charter Mark, and to assist in the review of race equality in the day-to-day operations of the institution.
• To work with the University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team and Academic Lead for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion towards the elimination of unlawful discrimination, harassment, victimisation, and/or bullying.
• To contribute to policy development through active involvement in and consultation on the University’s strategy, policies and guidance on race equality.
• To campaign and lobby on race equality by preparing submissions to public consultations, public forums and University governing bodies.
• To work closely with other units or centres which campaign for race equality in the University, such as the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Centre, the University Students’ Union and the Campus Trade Unions.
• To share best practice and engage with our allied equalities staff networks and other BAME staff networks across the sector.
• To act as a channel for communication and consultation between BAME staff and senior management.
• To lobby and support relevant campaigns, programmes and initiatives, as required to progress issues facing BAME staff in the University of Manchester.
• To identify ways to challenge discrimination and stereotyping among colleagues, peers, students, stakeholders and customers.
• To provide peer support, guidance and signposting to appropriate services both within and outside the organisation where appropriate.
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• To provide BAME staff with opportunities to participate in a range of targeted social and professional activities.
• Open to all staff with an interest in progressing race equality regardless of whether or not they self-identify as BAME.
• University policy permits members to attend up to three meetings per year during their standard working hours. Time to attend additional meetings can be agreed on an individual basis with the appropriate line manager. Lunchtime meetings are not included in this total.
• Meetings will be held throughout the year and there will be a minimum of 3 a year
• The Network will be led by its elected (Co-)chairs with elections taking place every 2 years.
• The (co-)chairs will be supported by an Advisory Committee with representation from a cross-section of University staff.
• Communication will be conducted using a range of media, including: meetings, email, discussion boards on Sharepoint or other pertinent technologies.