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Staff Network Groups

Staff Network Groups


 The University has a number of staff network groups which are co-ordinated by the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Team.

Each group meets regularly, and all have individual agendas and terms of reference.  They are a fantastic way to network with people from all over the University, build contacts, share experiences, arrange events, and socialise.  Many of the groups also offer confidential support and advisory services from their members to any member of staff.  Every member of staff is invited to join any of the staff network groups and although you may not fall into any of the ‘categories’ represented in the current staff network groups, you may have an interest or simply wish to offer support or find out more about how the groups work.

Attendance at meetings is not a requirement to be a member of any group and many choose to be on the confidential mailing list, just so they can keep abreast of issues and activities.

Issues raised by our SNGs are fed into our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the EDI Forum, both of which meet three times a year.

To ensure that the work of these network and Governance groups continues to be impactful and effective some decisions have been agreed by the University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Governance Group following feedback from SNG members:

  • With prior agreement with their line manager, chairs of SNGs will be given half a working day per month to carry out their duties.
  • Members of SNGs will be able to attend up to four meetings a year across all the groups they are a member of, plus one other associated activity like an event or workshop.
  • Contributions to SNGs will be recognised in Performance and Development Reviews where a colleague has contributed significantly to the work of the group over a sustained period of time.

The groups are always looking for new members, input, and ideas, so please click through to the relevant group for more information.  


Throughout 2021 we are highlighting a different group through various StaffNet articles - look out for these and see how you can be more involved in the work of the different networks.

Past Events

On Wednesday 20 May 2020 we marked National Day for Staff Networks with a series of tweets highlighting the work of our varied groups 

Throughout 2020 we highlighted a different group through various StaffNet articles. 

Staff Benefits Fair - 28 November 2019 was the Staff Benefits Fair - we gave people the opportunity to learn all about the different network groups at the University. 

SNG infographic poster

A list of upcoming meetings for all network groups can be accessed using the following link: ‌

If you would like to discuss setting up a different network group, please contact a member of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion team.

Working Together

We encourage collaboration and allyship across all networks, recognising the rich array of intersectionality’s we have on campus.

As you plan events, activities and awareness raising, think about any marginalised groups within your own group and what more could be done to raise awareness of their intersections across equality strands.

Whilst you may not want to be a member of a network group, you can still contribute by being an ally to any of the groups.

This can take many formats, so contact a member of the Team to find out more