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The Advice and Response team is developing a number of courses suitable for students and staff at the University. These are aimed at empowering you to understand and support students who may have experienced unwanted behaviour during their studies, and appropriately offer guidance and support.

Coming Soon!

Next to come in our training portfolio will be Active Bystander training for staff and students. Please keep checking back for news on when this will go live.

Responding to disclosures of sexual assault, harassment and hate

Introductory Module

We encourage all staff to complete the introductory online module that can be found through the Staff Learning and Development portal. This module will give you the foundations for supporting students who disclose an incident to you. If this is somethng that is likely to happen in your role (i.e you are in a student-facing, support capacity for example), we would encourage you to also book onto the longer, interactive session.

2-hour Interactive Session

As a topup to the introductory module, we also offer an interactive session, allowing you to apply the learning from the introductory module and ensure you have built confidence in responding to disclosures, with the space to practically apply this through activities within the training. We will be offering a combination of Zoom and in-person sessions across the upcoming year.

Dates for this session are being arranged at the moment; please check back for our next sessions in a week or so.

If you would like for us to arrange a targeted session with your team please do contact us about this.

An Introduction to Advice & Response

Online/In Person Session

Following frequent requests, we have put together a 90-minute session covering:

  • What Advice and Response do: a peek behind the curtain
  • What is Sexual Violence
  • What is Hate Crime
  • How to use Report & Support

We would encourage any student-facing staff, or staff interested in this area to book onto a session to learn more about the work behind the scenes, enabling you to confidently signpost your students to the service. An online module will soon be available to complete as an alternative in the first few weeks of term.

Dates for this session are being arranged at the moment; please check back for our next sessions soon.

If you would like us to arrange a targeted session with your team please do contact us about this.

Understanding Consent

Online Module

New for 2021, this online module aims to educate the University community on the area of Consent, including sexual and non-sexual relationships, to ensure that all parts of the community are clear on consent. This module is primarily aimed at the student body, but we would encourage staff to access this resource, ensuring that we are leading by example when it comes to Understanding Consent. 

Please click here to be taken to the online course.

Consent Theatre

Working with external company, Odd Arts, we will be delivering a number of sessions in October of the Consent Theatre. This is an interactive experience, allowing the audience to 'witness' scenarios played out in front of them, and to intervene where they believe that consent has not been given. The session aims to engage the audience in identifying and applying consent to various real-life scenarios that may happen at University.

Recommended Training

Outside of Advice & Response, there are several courses we'd recommend staff engage with. These are either free, or have a small cost associated with certification. 

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The EDI team have several courses available, some of which are mandatory so you may have already completed these!

You can see their full list by clicking here.

The Centre for Hate Studies

This platform is run by The University of Leicester, and is an excellent resource, with 6 digital training modules on the topic of hate. Accessing the modules is free, but there is a small fee associated with gaining the certification (£15 per module).

Click here to go to the Centre for Hate Studies website.