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Common questions about the Staff Survey

Why do we do the staff survey?

Employee engagement can only be measured by asking employees themselves to identify an organisation’s strengths and weaknesses as a workplace. A survey is one of the most important ways to improve your work lives and the organisation overall – it provides an objective, quantitative and qualitative measure of engagement.

Once we get the results, we have the opportunity to celebrate what we are good at, and identify issues to help make positive changes to the workplace.

Is the survey voluntary?

Yes. Participating in the Staff Survey allows you to express your opinions and help make a difference in your workplace. We really hope you will complete it.

How long will it take to complete the survey?

The survey will take around 15 minutes to complete. It is really easy: you select from the multiple choice boxes to show to what extent you agree or disagree with a number of statements, and then have the opportunity to write free text comments on burning issues you want us to know about.

Is the survey anonymous?

Absolutely. One of the benefits of an outside agency like People Insight administering the survey is that all your answers go to them, including whether or not you individually have completed it.. At no point will anyone at the university, including senior leaders and managers, be privy to individual responses.

This means that you can be completely honest with your responses without them being tracked back to you personally. People Insight administers the Employee Engagement Survey according to strict confidentiality policies, and takes this very seriously.

Who are People Insight and why are they involved?

People Insight are employee engagement specialists. We have asked them to conduct the survey and use their expertise to advise us on what to do as a result. They also have extensive experience in running employee surveys with other organisations across the UK and internationally.

How can it be anonymous when you ask me for my department and length of service, etc?

All personal responses to this survey will be kept completely confidential. People Insight will collect, report, and analyse the data. While we will be looking to produce reports based on the feedback from certain respondent groups – e.g. by different departments – to help us better understand where we need to take action, we will only be able to receive reports for groups where there are ten or more respondents.

If there are fewer than ten respondents, that team's survey results will not be reported on in isolation, to protect individual identities. This doesn’t mean that any responses will be ignored - all responses will be included at least in reports at the overall level, so your voice will still be heard.

What about anonymity of the free text comments?

When you are writing the free text comments, you will get the following warning: Please take care when providing this feedback.

Please note that any comments that you make will be repeated verbatim in the feedback report from People Insight. Although they will not reveal the name of the person who provided the comments, you should consider whether you could be identified from your comments and, if so, whether you would wish to be. If you are concerned about this either before, or after writing your comments, please contact People Insight directly.

Will what I say really make a difference?

By completing the Staff Survey, you give us a clear picture of what it’s like to work here, and where and how improvements can be made. Whether your feedback is good or bad - your answers are invaluable and helps us to make our University a better place to work.

Sharing your thoughts about your work will help drive real change, and your thoughts are unique – we want to hear from everyone. The survey is one of the best ways we have to voice our opinions honestly and openly with the goal of improving our own work lives and the organisation overall.  

How do I access the survey?

You will receive an email on Monday 5 September inviting you to take part in the survey. Just click the link and it will take you straight to the survey. You will receive regular reminders throughout the six weeks of the survey until you complete it.

If you can't find your email you can also access the survey via: . It will prompt you to input your staff ID number (found on your staff card or payslip). This is to verify that you are elibigle to complete the survey and attribute your responses to the correct area of the University.

If you are having any problems accessing the survey please email: