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Communication is a fundamental skill many staff require in order to be effective in their roles. Whether this is communication in person or virtually, verbal or written, as a line manager or as a member of staff, focussing on developing your communication skills can be invaluable. 

In this section, you will find a range of recommended resources to support the development of effective communication skills. 

Before accessing these resources, it's important to consider what you would like to develop, how this will support you in your role, and the opportunities you will have to apply your learning. See guidance on creating a Personal Development Plan

LinkedIn Learning Resources

We have a number of LinkedIn Learning collections which contain a selection of curated courses on the topics below. All staff can apply for a LinkedIn Learning license here

Using Your Voice Effectively 

Communicating Assertively

Presenting with Impact

Having Difficult Conversations

Email Hell to Email Heaven 

L&D Toolkit Resources

The L&D Toolkit is available for all staff and contains a vast range of articles, videos and other content on a range of topics to dip in and out of. 

Presentation Skills

Communication Skills

Difficult Conversations 

E-Learning Courses

A suite of effective communication eLearning courses are available for staff. Sign up using this link, and then get access to five separate courses on the following topics:

  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Giving Feedback
  • Communicating Assertively 
  • Influencing for Results
  • Presentation Skills

Complete all or one of these courses depending on your development goals. Access the course via the training catalogue: TSLD001

Facilitated Workshop

A number of facilitated workshops are available on developing effective communication skills. 

TP58: Communicating Assertively

In this workshop, you will identify what is assertiveness, how you can use it in your role, and practice your communication skills. This course will give you the confidence to practice assertive techniques in the workplace in order to improve your effectiveness and manage your relationships with others. 

TBF61: Having Difficult Conversations 

This workshop is for staff with management responsibility who have one to one conversations exploring poor performance, workloads, inappropriate behaviours or negative attitudes. This course will enable you to develop the confidence to effectively manage conversations about these difficult issues. 

TMS86: Giving Feedback Effectively 

This course will explore the best ways to give feedback to colleagues in ways that can be applied to both line management relationships, and those giving feedback in situations without authority; for instance, working collaboratively on projects. The workshop will encourage you to practice and develop your skills in giving feedback to colleagues. 

TSLD13: Influencing for Results 

This course aims to develop influencing skills for successful results and stronger working relationships. In this course, you will define your influencing goals and learn practical tools to help reach them. You will also identify your own (and understand other peoples') interests, drivers and point of view that may help you as you seek to influence others. 

TOPNO15: Presenting with Impact

This two-part workshop aim give you the skills and confidence to deliver presentations that have an impact whilst getting your message across to your audience. You will be able to improve skills, knowledge and behaviours so you can confidently deliver effective presentations to an audience. This will also aid you to improve interpersonal and comminucation skills, be it face to face or virtually. 

Internal Communications Toolkit

Tools and tips to develop your skills in managing internal communications from the Internal Comms team can be accessed here