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FSE launches its new Our Futures Business Engagement and Innovation strategy

15 Apr 2021

Professor Aline Miller, Associate Dean for Business Engagement and Innovation, introduces the new five year strategic delivery plan

Professor Aline Miller

The Faculty of Science and Engineering has a strong history of successful engagement with business which has grown our annual research income and enables the delivery of research with impact.

To further develop this important area of Faculty and academic activity a new strategic delivery plan is now in place which aims to:

  • Grow income from business through the development of relationships and the targeting of income streams.
  • Increase knowledge transfer and commercialisation by building an innovation ecosystem.
  • Build sustainability into innovation and business engagement.

Aline explains: “The development of the new strategy involved taking a holistic view of the Faculty’s business engagement and innovation activities. This included looking outwards so we can align our engagement with Government and industry priorities and funding streams, and inwards to guide new way of working to make business engagement, and also innovation, easier.”

Aline continues: “Effective Business and industry engagement brings a range of benefits to academics, students, companies and also the UK economy. It can give access to materials, data, equipment, expertise or networks beyond the University. It can also open up new avenues including access to research funding, or opportunities to commercialise your research.

“Importantly, business engagement is of benefit to you and your work. By building effective and sustainable partnerships with business, and facilitating translation of knowledge to drive innovation, you can enhance your research capability, profile, reputation and career trajectory.”

One of the new ways of working is the introduction of Thematic Heads of Business Engagement. These thematic areas are aligned to the UK’s Industrial Strategy. They will identify, pursue and cultivate new sector based relationships which compliment the capabilities and strengths of the Faculty.

Our Thematic Heads of Business Engagement are: 

  • Advanced Manufacturing – Aravind Vijayaraghavan
  • Artificial intelligence and Data – Hujun Yin
  • Clean Futures – Amanda Lea-Langton
  • Innovative Healthcare – Alan Dickson and Amir Keshmiri
  • Transport – Tony Chen 

Also, and very importantly, they will provide a point of contact for staff who wish to engage with businesses and industry.

Over the next few months different aspects of business engagement and innovation will be featured across the Faculty’s communications channels. If you like to know more now you can:

  • Read the full strategy
  • Attend the upcoming School Open meetings (19 or 29 April) to hear a presentation from Aline and ask any questions you have.
  • Contact Aline with any questions, comments and/or suggestions
  • Speak to the relevant Thematic Heads of Business Engagement