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Transform your teaching

Digital technology offers new ways of enhancing the student experience. High quality digital learning environments are now the norm and are used from primary education onwards. UMW is focused on meeting the needs of today’s students who expect their learning experience to be increasingly media-rich, interactive and personalised.

  • By working collaboratively with our team of expert e-learning technologists, marketers and advisors, you’ll have the opportunity to transform your course materials into a variety of high quality multimedia resources for a global audience.

  • Materials developed for off-campus students studying at a distance can also be reused to improve the educational experience for on campus students.

  • UMW is adopting a dynamic approach to online learning using Diana Laurillard’s Conversational Framework. This well-established online teaching method emphasises the importance of dialogue between the teacher and student, and peer-to-peer interaction.

  • We also aim to ensure that all UMW course units adopt a research-led approach, deliver an outstanding learning and student experience and incorporate social responsibility throughout the curriculum. Our ambition is to have course units and ideally entire courses aligned to our research beacons.

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