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Sections G to I submission and approval

Complete submissions must be agreed at School level (either through committee or by Chair's action) and signed by the Head of School before it can be considered at Faculty level.  If the proposal involves contributions from other Schools, a note of their approval of the full documentation must also be included with the submission.

Sections G to I should be forwarded to your Faculty Quality Administrator when the proposer and both internal and external advisers are satisfied with the proposal.  An Associate Dean may also wish to act as a third internal adviser at this point. The programme submission will be considered by the members of the appropriate Faculty committee: by this stage, the internal  and external advisers will normally be able to recommend to the committee that the submission should be approved.  The decision of the committee will either be approved or not approved.

If the submission is approved, it is forwarded to the Vice-President (Teaching, Learning and Students) via the Director of Teaching, Learning and Student Development (TLSD), for ratification on behalf of Senate.  The Director of the TLSD will circulate a list of approved programmes to Associate Deans for information.  The Vice-President will not expect to consider the submission in detail, but will wish to see whether it raises policy issues or may impact on other Faculties.  Staff in the TLSD will prepare a summary of all programme proposals ratified by the Vice-President for receipt by Senate.

If the submission is not approved by the Faculty committee, then the proposal may be amended and resubmitted to the committee.  Clear feedback will be provided to the School on the actions necessary and the timeframe for resubmission.  The Faculty committee has the right, if these actions are not implemented, to withdraw approval in principle for the programme proposal.

Campus Solutions

Once a proposal has received full approval from the Faculty, an approved administrator can set up the programme structures on campus solutions and upload the undergraduate programmes statement to be included in the HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report).

Approved New Programme Circulation List

Once a proposal has received full approval from the Faculty, please liaise with your Faculty Quality Administrator to forward approved copies to:

University Division or DepartmentEmail Address
Student Admissions and Administration Division
University of Manchester Academic Engagement Librarian Please consult this contact list of academic engagement librarians.
Director of Teaching and Learning Support
Faculty IS Manager  
Faculty eLearning Manager  
Administrative contact in School  
Colleague responsible in School for inputting marketing information into Campus Solutions  
Student Services Manager
UMW Programmes AND respective International Centre Director(s)